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Smugmug Embedded Galleries (Diving, Photography)

For about 2 years now I’ve been using Smugmug for parts of our website. The people running Smugmug remind me of my own company and the way it started more than 15 years ago. A close nit group of people with a real passion for what they’re doing. I recently noticed they now allow you to embed slideshows of galleries in any website that accepts them so I thought I’d give it a go and embed a sampling of our underwater photos. In the not too distant future I also hope to replace most of our current Gallery2 based galleries with Smugmug galleries.

2 Responses to “Smugmug Embedded Galleries”

  1. LizK says:

    So excited to come across this bit of information. What code did you use to embed the gallery into your website?

    Thanks a million!


  2. cor says:

    Go to the gallery you want to embed on smugmug.com. On that gallery, click on ‘Share’, and use the option ‘Show Off’. From there pick ‘Slideshow’ and set some options and then click ‘Copy Embed Code’.

    Then start a wordpress post, and paste the embed code into your wordpress code.