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Molting spider (Gardening, Photography)

Julie found a molting spider today in the garden, the first time we ever found one. Pretty cool to watch it squirm out of its old skin and harden its new one.

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Litter Robot (Cats)

One of the worst tasks of being a cat owner is cleaning the litter box. I absolutely hate doing that. About a year ago Julie told me she had ordered a robot litter box. At first I thought she was crazy. A what? I looked on the website and my first impression was that this was never going to work. Our cats are going to run like hell when they see this thing. Another few hundred dollars wasted, and no one else was going to buy this thing from us because they’re not fools, unlike us.

Was I wrong. This thing rocks. How did we ever function without it. The cats go in, a few minutes later it starts cleaning the inside, all the bad bits get deposited in a small bag, and it’s done. At the end of the week you take out the bag, add a scoop of litter, and presto. Clean box. Honestly, if you hate cleaning the litter box as much as I do, get this thing.

Oceanic Whitetip Sharks (Diving, Photography)

In may Julie went on a trip by herself. She claims it’s to see the Oceanic Whitetip sharks, but by now we all know it’s because of the pigs. It’s quite difficult to find these sharks. As the name suggests they are usually found in the open ocean, so basically you have to use a lot of bait and hope for the best. Last year this trip got skunked (one of the reasons I didn’t feel like going) but this year they got some good action.

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Pigs on the Beach (Diving, Photography)

On a recent trip to the Bahamas Julie photographed some really cute pigs. These are wild pigs that live on an island in the Bahamas, and whenever a boat stops on the beach they come over to check out if there are scraps. They’ll come right to your lens, even if you’re waist deep in water. Julie actually went on this trip, meant to track down Oceanic Whitetip sharks, to photograph these pigs and she got some nice shots. Who needs Oceanic Whitetips when you can photograph small piglets!

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Shark Finning (Diving, Rants)


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Sucking Relaxes (Funny)

Julie found this today at the local supermarket.