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Geocaching (Geocaching)

As if we didn’t have enough hobbies, Julie and I have started to do geo caching. It’s actually a great way to get some exercise and see areas you otherwise probably wouldn’t visit. The object is to find a treasure that’s been hidden. You find it by following GPS coordinates towards a location. Sometimes the caches are easy to find, somethings quite difficult. You then take something out of the cache, and put something back in yourself.

You can do geocaching all over the world. Probably within a few miles of everyone reading this post there is at least 1 cache. Here on St Croix there are about 10 caches, and we’ve found 5 so far. One turned out to be unreachable as the area it’s in was flooded after the last hurricane. Maybe if I take my dive gear out!

Finding the caches turned out to be a lot of fun. One was right near our dive shop. Literally a few steps from it. We never knew it was there. Another was on the highest peak of St. Croix and was pretty hard to reach as there was no real path. We had to hike through dense forest. The photo was taken during our last hike. We had to walk about 2 miles over hills, past deserted beaches, through dense grass, and finally we found it near a beautiful little lagoon with several pelicans flying around. Just perfect.

3 Responses to “Geocaching”

  1. Chris says:

    Isn’t that the great part about geocaching? Geocaches hidden in places you walk by all the time. Who would have thought? Careful though; it’s addicting!

  2. Kippy says:

    We love it, too, though we’ve not been out in a while.


    Maybe we’ll send a travel bug your way. :)

  3. stingy bandits says:

    We are heading to St. Croix at the end of April and would love to have the caches that are there. We are new to caching and only have 18 to our credit. If you could send us the GCXXX numbers, we can look them up and send them to our GPS.

    Thanks and happy caching!

    stingy bandits