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nemo 33 (Diving)

You want to do a deep dive, but you don’t want to go outside. Julie and I did just that today at a place called Nemo33. Located in Brussels, a 2 hour drive from our home, Nemo has a 110 feet (33 meters) deep pool, with several platforms at 15 and 30 feet, and an actual air chamber around 30 feet. I went there to make sure my dentist had fixed a broken tooth correctly and didn’t leave an airspace, instead of finding out somewhere in the middle of the ocean that they had.

Even though the concept of Nemo sounds cool, and I suppose in some ways it is cool, I think it lacks a lot of features. They don’t allow any use of personal gear besides fins/mask, which also includes camera gear. So no pressure testing of expensive housings, or just doing a practice buoyancy dive with a new housing. But it was still fun to do a deep dive in a pool, something that you can’t really do anywhere else in the world.

On the way back from Nemo we visited Gouda, where fellow Wetpixel member James Wiseman was staying for a few days while visiting Holland.

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