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Trips to the Solomons (Diving, Photography)

We recently came back from three dive trips to the Solomon islands for a total of 30 days of diving. The second trip was a wetpixel trip organized by Eric Cheng. Julie and I are moderators of wetpixel, so it was really nice to meet Eric and several other wetpixel people again. We’ve had the tripreport of the wetpixel trip online for a while, but I just put the other 2 reports online.

Wetpixel trip to the Solomons (Diving, Photography)

We just finished up the Wetpixel trip to the Solomon Islands. It was a really nice trip with a great group of people. We had some beginning shooters, but most people were pretty advanced photographers. We all had a blast, and not a day went by without some small prank, joke, or otherwise hilarious event. For more about the trip check out our tripreport.

Diving in the Solomon Islands (Diving, Photography)

We’re joining Eric Cheng on one of his expeditions to the Solomon Islands. Because we like the Bilikiki so much we’ve decided to add two trips to that, one before and one after Eric’s trip, for a total of four weeks of diving.

Read more about Eric’s trip on the Wetpixel expedition page.