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Smugmug Embedded Galleries (Diving, Photography)

For about 2 years now I’ve been using Smugmug for parts of our website. The people running Smugmug remind me of my own company and the way it started more than 15 years ago. A close nit group of people with a real passion for what they’re doing. I recently noticed they now allow you to embed slideshows of galleries in any website that accepts them so I thought I’d give it a go and embed a sampling of our underwater photos. In the not too distant future I also hope to replace most of our current Gallery2 based galleries with Smugmug galleries.

Smugmug Gallery integration and PicLens Support (Computers, Diving, Photography)

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages but I finally got around to it. I can now add SmugMug Galleries to WordPress which can then also be viewed with either Lightbox or PicLens. Ive been prompted to finally finish this by my friend Eric Cheng, who added this to his blog recently as well.

Here is a gallery I created at SmugMug’s request a few months ago »»»»

Embedded video at SmugMug (Diving, Photography)

Tools used in our website (Computers)

I get quite a few emails asking me how our website has been built. Most of these questions come through Gallery where our website has been voted one of the top example sites for the last few years. People seem to think it’s just a matter of downloading some theme, which is unfortunately not the case. So it may be interesting to explain what components make up our website. Continue reading for the full post. More »

Photography Corner (Diving, Photography, Published)

I was contacted to provide a portfolio for Photography Corner, a photography website. They do a regular portfolio section of customers of SmugMug and the people from Smugmug send them over to our website. You can see the result here.

Smugmungous (Diving, Photography, Published)

smugmug.gifThe people at Smugmug asked us to provide them with a portfolio of images to show off their new Smugmungous theme. This new theme stretches across the whole monitor and looks especially stunning on large monitors. They used the images in media events and on their website. Check out the smugmungous images here.

Integrating Lightroom with SmugMug (Computers, Photography)

In the last few weeks i’ve started using Lightroom and have really come to like it. It’s a perfect (ok, not really perfect) mix of editing and management that really improves my workflow and thus my time spent in boring work (ie: not taking photos). One thing that bugged me was that it was such a hassle to get photos out of Lightroom and into my online image hosting site that part of our website works on.

That is, until I found the Post Processing options in Lightroom, and the easy way it allows you to hook in internal tools into Lightroom when you export images from your Lightroom Library. I’ve written a HowTo on the SmugMug support site explaining how to integrate Lightroom with SmugMug.

Now offering Canvas Prints (Photography)

Recently both our print partners have started offering Canvas options. After doing some test prints we’re confident that canvas prints are a very nice addition to our glossy prints. We’ve already sold several Canvas prints and the response has been positive. If you’re interested in a Canvas print please visit our dutch or worldwide Print Gallery.

Like any other prints we offer the canvas prints come with an absolute guarantee. If you’re not happy contact us and we’ll help you with the problem.

Buy our prints (Diving, Photography)

As of january 1st it’s possible to buy some of our photo’s as prints. We offer several sizes, from small to very large. All prints are printed by a professional photo lab in cooperation with our partners SmugMug and Oypo. All prints come with an absolute guarantee; if there’s any problem we’ll work with you to fix it.