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New Toys (Computers)

I don’t really write much about geek toys, mostly because i’m really not that much into that anymore. The phase in my life where I was an early adopter is behind me, been there, done that, got all the discarded and dismantled electronic corpses to proof it. I just want things to work, work well, and not require hours of fiddling. A piece of electronics nowadays has a very short time in which to proof to me they will not be a hassle.

Lately I’ve gotten a new interest in geek toys. I can’t really explain why. I think it’s because I haven’t replaced any of my toys in years and I feel it’s time to welcome the next century. In the last few weeks I’ve bought a few new items that I thought would be interesting and I feel that’s not yet the end of it. Read on for my thoughts on these items.. More »

The memory remains (Cats)

We admit it, we’re geeks. We named our cat Cisco. We got him in 1994, and for 13 years he’s been the light of our life. This cat has an amazing personality and allowed us to stay in his kingdom. On july 7th we had to let him get peace, after a short sickbed. It was one of the hardest things we have done.

We’ll never forget some of his crazier moment. Like the time he managed to wrap a plastic bag around his tail and ran around the house being chased by a bag. Or the time he kept coming home with little dead chicks, and we had to sneak after him to find out someone several blocks over was feeding them to him because they were old and couldn’t separate our cat from theirs. Or when he used to make a god awful noise at night because he wanted to get out, and he would position himself just so all his howls would somehow harmonize and double in volume. Or the way he would curl up between us at night and would glare at us if one of us dared to move. The way we would say “EARTHQUAKE” to each other when he would jump off something upstairs and shake the house. Or the last time we cuddled with him before we had to bring him to the vet for his final trip.

We’ll remember all of it.


Bought a new 2TB eSATA harddisk (Computers)

I’ve been really happy with my 1TB eSATA 2BIG drive from LaCie, so when I noticed they have a 2TB version I couldn’t resist buying it too. I’ll be using it to do all of our primary backups.

We use a 3 layer system for our digital assets (photo’s, music, video..).

  1. Our originals are on a 1TB 2BIG eSATA drive. These are networked to several other machines in case we’re working on one of them.
  2. I make automatic backups to a backup drive. As of today that’s a 2TB 2BIG eSATA drive. I also backup our music to this drive.
  3. Once every month or so I make a backup of the backup and bring that to my office. This is to prevent loss due to theft or fire, the most likely causes of image loss.

The only thing that bugs me is that under Windows XP the access to these drives on a networked computer is really slow. I can make it a bit faster by assigning a drive letter on the networked machine but it’s still slow. On the main desktop though these disks are lightning fast!

Changed to WordPress (Computers)

I changed our online journal from a home made system based on MySQL to WordPress. I have been meaning to use some kind of open source software instead of my own, but always feared I was not going to be able to fit it in our design. That fear seemed to have been unnecessary, WordPress was a breeze to install, but more important, a breeze to theme. I created a theme to fit our own design in less than a day.

It should be a lot easier now to maintain an active journal, so keep watching this space.