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Heading back to Indonesia (Diving, Photography)

bosman-cor-01About a year and a half ago Julie and I did a long trip in the Banda Sea. This is when the idea for another trip to Indonesia grew. Eric was thinking about doing a similar trip, from Northen Papua through Ambon towards Flores. We immediately agreed to join this trip, which eventually turned into a double trip. He also arranged for a well known guide named Graham Abbott.  So we’ll be heading back to Indonesia for a full month on the Seven Seas liveaboard.

Since we’re in the area anyways, we also decided to take a small group into Lembeh, a well known diving mecca that both Eric and us have never been to. It’s a macro heaven, with black sand bottoms and some of the most amazing macro around. And to top it off, Julie and I will spend a few days in Singapore before the main trip, to acclimatize to the time zone change and catch up with some diving friends.

We can’t wait to start this trip. It promises to be a very rewarding trip and we expect a lot of good photographs. It’s also going to be great to see all our old friends again, as almost everyone on board will be someone we’ve already been diving with.

Trips to the Solomons (Diving, Photography)

We recently came back from three dive trips to the Solomon islands for a total of 30 days of diving. The second trip was a wetpixel trip organized by Eric Cheng. Julie and I are moderators of wetpixel, so it was really nice to meet Eric and several other wetpixel people again. We’ve had the tripreport of the wetpixel trip online for a while, but I just put the other 2 reports online.

Three new trip reports online (Diving, Photography)

Julie and I just returned from the Bahamas trip with Eric Cheng. We had an amazing time diving with Tiger Sharks, countless Lemon Sharks, and Dolphins. Read our trip report of this trip. I also added two trip reports of our previous trips to Indonesia visiting Raja Ampat and Komodo.


Diving in the Solomon Islands (Diving, Photography)

We’re joining Eric Cheng on one of his expeditions to the Solomon Islands. Because we like the Bilikiki so much we’ve decided to add two trips to that, one before and one after Eric’s trip, for a total of four weeks of diving.

Read more about Eric’s trip on the Wetpixel expedition page.

Tiger Sharks with Eric Cheng (Diving, Photography)

In july 2007 we’re going on a trip with Eric Cheng to the Bahamas. This trip will features Tiger Sharks and Dolphins, two animals that Julie and I have not seen before underwater. We’re really looking forward to it.

For more information check out the wetpixel expeditions page.