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Lenovo installs 30GB of crap on your laptop (Computers, Rants)

Julie just got a new Lenovo X200s laptop with SSD. When we got it we noticed it had only 60GB free space out of 128GB. There was a 10GB recovery partition, but that didn’t explain where all the space had gone. The C partition had a whopping 42GB of data installed, and this is supposed to be a virgin machine!

Now for the really stupid part. When I reinstalled from the recovery partition, the same system was only 13GB. Still way too much if you ask me, but better than 42GB.

Lenovo, you suck.

One Response to “Lenovo installs 30GB of crap on your laptop”

  1. Giles S says:

    interesting .. i have a thinkpad Y510 .. perfect for what I use .. BUT i started installing programs on the D partition (which i started off as just documents) due to the fact my C partition with windows vista home a 30GB partition .. programs installed on C drive 4.2GB (on D drive programs are 6GB) windows folder only takes up 14.3GB.

    If i ever redo it all and start again I would love to enlarge the C partition to have all program files on which with Vista taking up almost half of the 15gb (and yes I have 10GB just missing somewhere !) I would want a C partition of 40GB to take Office and Adobe stuff. The rest is miniscual compared.