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Bahamas Tiger Sharks and Dolphins (Diving, Photography)

“We’ve been in the water for about an hour now. There’s about a dozen Lemon sharks circling around us. Suddenly Julie points into the distance and I quickly swirl my head that way. There is no mistaking the shape,size and pattern, here’s comes our first Tiger shark. Immediately the attitude of the divers changes; while you can basically ignore the Lemon sharks, you can not ignore the Tiger. It’s great to be back!”

Read the rest, with some pretty sad events, in our tripreport.

3 Responses to “Bahamas Tiger Sharks and Dolphins”

  1. Kippy says:

    Sorry about the sad news, but glad you and Julie (and the rest of your friends) were both ok!

  2. Daniela says:

    Again me, peeping at your dolphins pics. Loved it!
    Quite a trip you had! Pretty intense, huh?!
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. bahamas says:

    Tiger sharks at Bahamas are safe. You shouldn’t be afraid of them when diving around. They are more like dolphins at Bahamas. Welcome to Bahamas.