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My first Facebook application (Computers, Diving, Photography)

At wetpixel.com, where I am a co-admin, there is a weekly contest called ‘Photo of the Week‘. Every wetpixel community member can upload some images, and everyone can vote for the winner. This is producing some incredible photo’s, and over the year a set of images that can rival almost anything out there. To increase the exposure of these images I have created a Facebook application called ‘Underwater Photo Of The Week’. It lets you add the POTW to your profile, and lets you see all the previous winners.  Now potentially millions of people can see these amazing photo’s straight from Facebook.

I’ve also made a WordPress widget, which allows people running WordPress to add the POTW to their blog. You can see that in action in our own journal.

One Response to “My first Facebook application”

  1. Brendan says:

    Hi Cor,

    like your site, you don’t happen to have or know where I can get a Typepad widget that does the same thing as the POTW?

    And a big “ask” – would you and Julie consider writing a few paragraphs for my blog on how you got into diving related photojournalism? I’m hoping to run more than several “Your Story’s” to demonstrate how each approach, although different, worked.

    Blog is only 21 days old and I’m getting about 45 views a day which I am quite pleased about. Would be more than happy to cross post your site in my “Interesting Places.”

    best regards