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We have a new cat (Cats)

Recently our cat that we had for 12 years died after a very short, and very unexpected sickbed. From one day to the next you lose a dear companion. In the few months after, we noticed a difference in behavior from our remaining cat. He became even more introverted, scared, and wouldnt play anymore. In our minds this was because he was a follower, he would always follow our other cat and do what he did.

For the last few weeks we’ve been looking for another cat, and this weekend we found her. We visited a local shelter a few times, and on our last visit we found a very sweet, very calm female cat. We were a bit afraid of the reaction of our other cat, but things went extremely well. It’s now been 4 days and they are already cuddling on the couch. Our cat also has been playing again, chasing toys around the house as he used to. It’s amazing how his personally has switched around again.

We’ve still not named her. We like geeky names, that can still pass as somewhat normal. Our previous cat was called Cisco, and our current cat is Samba. Julie had a cat named Pearl. So..if anyone can think of a cat name that’s both geeky, but still passable for normal, let us know!

(edit: we picked the name Ruby, which is a programming language)

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